August 28, 2014



Positioning Barack Obama as a helpless victim of White racism without acknowledging how his policies have perpetrated some of the worst forms of violence against Black people is beyond ridiculous.

How do you reblog posts about “The New Jim Crow” or the…

double standards in politicians of colour - clearly we aren’t at a stage where we’re comfortable with a black president doing HIS JOB as the democratic rep

August 27, 2014

We need a Parks and Rec style mockumentary about medical students in the hospital seriously. Especially the shit we do when nobody’s looking. ALL THE SHADE. 24/7 ALL THE FUCKING TIME

August 27, 2014
Future Child: Dad, I think I'm in love.
Me: Well like us old tumblr users used to say, "bitch I might be".
Future Child: Dad how is that even relevant
Me: Do he got the booty my child.
Future Child: ...what
Me: Child. Do he got da booty.
Future Child: *sighs heavily* He doooooo.
Me: Then I ship it, my child.
August 27, 2014



Poor Banner

Mark Ruffalo is reblogging gifs of himself and commenting on his characters. My life is complete.

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August 26, 2014


I can never stop laughing at this

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August 25, 2014

this is especially painful when you’re rotting away reading cancer manuals

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August 24, 2014


get to know me meme [1/10] male characters - harry osborn
"okay so, fairy godmother, it is time to grant me a wish."

I like this version better.

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August 24, 2014



no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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August 24, 2014


Victorian pick-up lines

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August 24, 2014
"Not everybody wants to sit alone in an empty room, beatin’ off to murder manuals. Some folks enjoy community, the common good."

— Detective Marty Hart, accurately describing Rust Cohle

August 23, 2014



rust cohle on tumblr


August 23, 2014



oliver queen: a summary.

So why did they make Green Arrow into a quasi-Batman?

And with NONE of the snark of the actual Green Arrow. It’s so annoying.

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August 23, 2014


Let’s talk about Rust’s achingly well-fitting detective attire. All of the other detectives wore schlubby suits and shirts, but not Cohle—at least, not in the ’90s timeline.

Cohle was such a complex character, and yet I knew he’d be so simple in the way that he dressed. It was all about utilitarianism for him. That’s what made him comfortable. We certainly didn’t want to dress him toward a particular fashion. In the mid-’90s, men were wearing pleated pants. Suits were boxy and squared out. That was nothing that Rust was going to be interested in. He was going to want to go to one store and pick up one of each item of clothing and wear them all indefinitely. But just to be frank? It’s Matthew McConaughey. He’s sexy. There was going to have to be some sex appeal there. - Jenny Eagan, True Detective costume designer (x)


his deep existential issues are also sexy

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August 23, 2014


if I ever fall into a coma someone please come secretly tweeze my eyebrows so I can make all the nurses hella jealous of my unconscious eyebrow game. 

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August 23, 2014


Doug Locke - #ThisCouldBeUs

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